Classic fruit slot machine: Win the money! What is the origin of fruit slot machine?

What is the origin of fruit slot machines? Slot machines are the first gaming machines you see when you step into a casino. The way to play is to put chips into the machine. In the early days, there was a slot machine on the right side of the machine. When the player put the slot into the machine, set the bet amount, and pull the slot down. At this time, different patterns will scroll on the screen. When the slot machine stops rotating, if the icon When the same pattern or special symbol is connected, the player can execute the game through the jili slot machine according to the odds or winnings set on the machine, so it is also called the slot machine. With the evolution of the times, many slot machines have been changed to buttons. cancel the original slot.

In slot machine games, you can often see many nomads. They often walk around the machine to observe the player’s betting status. The winning system is when the player makes a large bet, and the nomads are not cheering for the player. , but waiting for the player to lose all their chips, and when you find that the previous player has not hit the bet and rarely opened a double star, it means that your opportunity is coming, immediately take over this machine and lower the previous player. If there are still no big oranges and big bells at the beginning, it means that he is still in the state of biting points.

When the slot machine opens a big, the player’s chance will come, and it will produce another big within 5 times, then it is very sure that it is time to give out the lottery. You need to press a few more points, because there may be a continuous lottery or a big rotation later. The lottery time is about 20 minutes according to experience, but the premise is based on the previous player losing a lot of money, and the principle of winning the lottery In order to bite 100 out of 50 or so, and the player who takes over can set a target of 40-50%, don’t plant it again. When the slot machine rotates to the middle position, the dragon and tiger lights are off at this time. At this time, it should be noted that if the lights are turned off for 2-3 consecutive rounds, it means that the slot machine is in a state of biting points.

When the big bell is played, then the next three rounds are 60% of the big orange or the big bell.
When a big mango is played, the next round may still produce a big mango. If the machine becomes in the state of eating points, it must be changed immediately.
When a big star is played, there is still a chance to play big in the next few rounds.
When the big apple is played, and there are two apples in the next few rounds, the chance that the machine will win the jackpot in 15 rounds is about 60-70%.