Learning and understanding slot machine strategy

Today’s online casinos are built around slot machines. Browse any online casino site and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of their slot machines offering. Video slots and classic slot machines are some of the most popular games in the online gambling world, but that’s just one of the reasons casinos want you to play them. Slot machines were created to entertain the wives of men who played at the roulette and blackjack tables, and today jili slot machines are the biggest source of income for both brick-and-mortar and online casinos. I guess that’s why nearly 60% of casino lobbies are usually dedicated to slot machines rather than the more “intelligent” board games.

How to read this slot machine strategy guide

The reason you haven’t hit a big winner isn’t because the slot machine you’re playing is rigged, it’s because it’s not easy to win money at the slot machine. The whole concept of playing slots is based on the assumption that you, like most slot players, will play with the wrong strategy and for the wrong reasons. Every time you do this, you are guaranteed to end the round with less money than you did on the first spin. In this guide you will find good slot machine strategies that will help you get better chances. Here’s what I’ve put together over the 10+ years I’ve spent in the gambling industry. To me, this looks like the best way to limit your losses and enjoy your time playing slot games. It’s all about online slot machines here. The games I’ll suggest, the examples I’ll use to help you, and the free spins I’ll give you to play are all online.

Why do you want to play slot machines?

Before we can figure out how to improve your chances of winning money on slot machines and what strategies can help you do that, we need to understand why you should play slots. As a player who knows the world of online gaming, you know that the list of casino games with the best odds does not include slot machines. So, asking yourself “Why do you want to play slot machines?” The answer to that question is the key to finding a slot machine strategy that works for you. If the ends justify the means, you need to know what your goals are to determine what strategies will get you there. I will help you find the answer.

Fun and Big Winners: The Gambler’s Dilemma

Gamblers play slot machines for two reasons: They either want to be entertained or they want to win big. Personally, I favor the first way. Modern video slot machines have become so advanced and exciting that I find that money I don’t win deserves to be paid to casinos and bookmakers for their fun. But I know it’s not for everyone. A lot of players are looking for big jackpots, playing progressive slots, hoping to turn their lives around with a single spin. I think this was a mistake. While it’s not technically impossible, you need to know that the odds are not in your favor, and you’re more likely to lose your money than to land a jackpot.

Best Strategies for Playing Slots

When financial matters are not your main concern, you can use the easy approach to slot machine strategy to enjoy all the games you play more. In this case, the correct strategy involves elements such as slot limits, themes and bonuses.

How many spins can you afford?

The fun of playing slot machines is great as long as you know how to use your money to last long enough to really enjoy the whole experience. The most important thing is that you understand how much money you are willing to spend on slot machines and how much time you want to spend on the reels. Once you know this, you can plan what games to play and let the “spin and relax” time begin. Let me use an example to help you understand this key concept. Imagine you are playing a game with a minimum bet of 0.50 credits. Since you’re not going to play the jackpot, you don’t need to spend more than that – you just want to play and 0.50 will give you what you want. On average, a “slow” online slot player spins the wheel 18 times per minute. At $0.50 per spin, that means you need 9.00 credits to play for one minute. Playing this game for an hour will cost you 540 credits. So, ask yourself: “Do you have enough money to play as long as you want?”

Here, you can choose from two different approaches to slot machine strategy:

Reduce the stakes: You can choose a game with a smaller stake and automatically increase the amount of game time your bank balance can buy, or:
Shorten time: You can simply decide to play for a shorter time period and invest your money in expensive games.
These strategies are all sound – just make sure to factor in the minimum bet size and the time you want to play before you start, not when your bankroll is already thinner than a small slice of salami.

Choose the right slot machine theme

Picking the right slot machine can be a burden these days. You have to be a real expert, or very lucky, to find the game that’s right for you.

Pick bonuses and games

The most fun part of playing slot machines? You don’t need to care about wagering requirements for casino bonuses. You just need as many free spins as possible, because the size of the bonus is what matters, and the more free spins (or free money you can use on the slot machine) the better.

Best Strategies for Playing Slots

Read the Oddstable

Did you know that the same slot game can be paid differently at different casinos?
While this is not the right article to go too deep into how slot machines work, you should know: every time you play a slot machine, you play against a tiny computer that determines if, when and how much the game will pay out. This computer is different on every slot machine, and casinos can ask game developers to customize it to their liking, thus making some games more lenient than others. That’s why a proper slot machine strategy starts with the paytable. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to play smart. You’ll see the different winning combinations (the least useful part), and which symbols will pay out how much for a given number of coins bet.

Check Return to Player (RTP)

Every slot machine strategy is based on the assumption that you only need to play the slot machine with the highest return to player. What is Return to Player (RTP)? RTP refers to the percentage of the wagered amount that a slot machine game returns to the player over a long period of time. This is the most important number you need to know when playing a slot game because the RTP tells you the house’s edge, which is the house’s advantage over you as a player. Now that you know that this is the “percentage of return set by the slot game”, it goes without saying that the game you are going to play, this percentage is the closest to 100%. That’s why you shouldn’t be playing games like the ever-popular Mega Moolah (RTP: 88.12%), Galactica (RTP: 92.97%), and Age of the Gods – Fate Sister (RTP: 92.95%), but instead A more profitable slot game.

Get a good casino bonus and play

Just like those who play slot machines, you also need to know how to identify a good bonus to play slot machines online. High or complex wagering requirements can be a nightmare. Imagine winning £1,000 on a slot machine and finding out that you need to bet 60x before you can withdraw it? That’s why you need a no-deposit bonus.