Seriously, can you play slot machines for a living?

You can find stories about people gambling for a living. Many people play poker for a living, and it’s easy to see why. Poker has no built-in house edge. It has the equivalent of a seat fee in the form of a commission. Poker players aren’t trying to win the house’s money, they’re competing for other players’ money. This is different from most other forms of gambling. You can also read about blackjack players who have learned how to count their cards or find sloppy dealers who flash their bets for value. Some of these players are able to make a living playing blackjack. A small percentage of sports bettors, racetrack bettors and greyhound bettors are also able to make enough money to gamble for a living. But very few people make a living from gambling and play other casino games. And slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in casinos. People love to play jili slot machines. Which brings me to the reason for this post. ? Can you play slot machines for a living?

Last word

Before moving on, think carefully about what it means to make a living. Some people live on 25,000 per month, while others seem to need 50,000 or more per year. Many factors come into play when determining how much life a person needs.

Some of these factors include:

● where do you live
● how many people you have to support, such as spouse and children
● how frugal your lifestyle is
● how much debt you have

For the purposes of this article, I will use 40,000 per month as the threshold for earning a living. You can use any number you want, but unless you live in an expensive area, most people can survive on that number. Another issue that must be considered when you are thinking about making a living from slot machines is the lack of health insurance and other benefits. Professional gamblers must seek health care, and they don’t get paid time off. Healthcare is a huge expense for many people, and not having some type of insurance can be dangerous.

Many young people aren’t concerned about lack of health insurance, but as they get older it tends to become a real problem. If you have to pay for health insurance, it can eat up a significant portion of your income. Keep this in mind when you’re figuring out how much money you need to make playing slot machines for a living. The hard truth is that unless you are already wealthy and have enough money to withstand long-term losses, it is almost impossible to make a living playing slot machines. You are more likely to lose weekly than you win on a weekly slot machine. While most slot machine players will fail in the long run, making a living playing slot machines is not 100% impossible. But with such a small percentage of players making money, the truth is that you should probably forget the idea. Slot machines are designed to guarantee or lock in long-term profits for casinos. Each machine is programmed to pay back a certain percentage of every dollar wagered and leave the rest to the casino. These numbers are called by different names, but I call them Return Percentage and Home Advantage.

The payback percentage of a slot machine is the amount of all wagers returned to the player by winning on the machine. If a slot machine has a 95% return, that means an average of $950 for every $1,000 wagered. If you think about this from another angle. When the slot machine pays back 950 yuan out of 1000 yuan, it keeps another 50 yuan for profit. In other words, a machine paying $950 for every $1,000 wagered has a 5% house edge. You can use these numbers to predict how much you should win or lose over a period of time based on how much you bet every hour. Because the house edge is good for the casino, which means that if you can’t figure out how to overcome the edge or get lucky, you’re going to lose in the long run. Most slot machines have returns between 90% and 98%. This means that the house edge is between 2% and 10%. With the house edge, that means you lose 2% to 10% every time you run through the machine. This means that if you play for 10 hours, your expected loss is $1600. You just need to multiply your expected hourly loss by the number of hours you plan to play to get your average expected loss.

Slot machines are run by computers, which use math-based programs. These programs, unless the programmer makes a mistake, ensure that the underlying mathematical principles always come true. It may take millions of spins, but the program guarantees that the machine generates the programmed profit percentage for the casino. If you’re still trying to make a living playing slot machines, here’s what else you need to know. Remember that even if you use all the tricks and strategies, you may still lose money in the long run.

Find the return percentage of the slot

You’ve just learned about rate of return and house edge and how these things guarantee a casino’s profits. So the next question is how to figure out the edge and pay back for the slot machine? Most casino games are designed in such a way that it is easy to determine the house edge and payback percentage, or you can easily find the numbers with a quick internet search. But the slots are different. The program that runs the machine has a lot of variables, and unless you have access to the program, the advantage and reward percentage cannot be determined. Another problem is that some machines offer different percentages of returns from the manufacturer, so each casino can order their machines at the percentage they want. You can find more information on finding slot machine payback percentages here, but the news is not good. If you want to have the best chance of making a living playing slot machines, you need to find a machine that offers the lowest house edge. These machines have the highest returns, so you have fewer hurdles to overcome. The following section includes everything I know to help improve your chances of winning. Four of these are strategies you can put into action yourself, and the other is hope-based. Sadly, hope is not a strategy, but it fits perfectly with how most people gamble. They put their money out, hoping to win.

online bonus

Online casinos often offer bonuses to slot machine players when they make a deposit. You can get 100% or more deposits and bonuses that you can use to play slot machines. This sounds like a great way to overcome the house edge, if the money is free, it’s free. While the bonus appears to be free, when you read the terms and conditions associated with the bonus, you will see that it is not as simple as the casino giving you free money. Every online slot machine bonus comes with rules and regulations on how to use it, what must be done before it can be cashed out, and whether any bonus amount can be kept while the offer terms are met. Terms vary by online casino, so it’s important to read them before making a deposit. Some bonuses are deducted from your balance when you make a cashout request, while others can eventually be cashed out.

When you accept an online slot machine bonus, you must meet certain requirements. These are often called pass requirements. The play-out requirement means that you must play the bonus amount, and sometimes the deposit amount, a certain number of times before the bonus is cleared. Requirements are usually shown as multiples, such as 25X or 50X. This means that you have to wager a total of 25 or 50 times the bonus, and sometimes even the deposit amount. At this point you can use a trick to understand the possibility of clearing your winnings and remaining funds. You can calculate your expected loss by multiplying the total amount you have to wager by the house edge. Using this example, if you play on a slot machine with a 5% house edge, your expected loss is $1,250. This means that you will usually run out of money before paying off your winnings. The only way to change this is to play on a machine with a lower house edge, or by asking to find a bonus for playing the game. You also need to make sure you understand the difference between cashable bonuses and bonuses deducted from your balance. Bonuses that cannot be cashed out when you meet the game requirements make it less likely that you will beat the house edge. If you want to play slots, you should be bold with the online slot bonuses. Even non-cashable bonuses can give you extra money to gamble. It also gives you an extra chance to win big, which is the only way for most slot players to succeed.

Play slot machines for tournaments and promotions

You should be compensated every time you play a slot machine. Sign up for a slot machine club at your local casino and look for online casinos with bonus programs. Casinos don’t give back enough in games to overcome the normal house edge, but every penny you earn in games helps keep your gaming costs down. If you can combine attractive online slot machine bonuses with a decent game plan, you can improve your chances of winning big prizes. Casinos also host promotions from time to time. You may be able to find coupons for free slot games and tournaments in your local newspaper or on the casino website you plan to visit. Promotions and coupons are a great way to offset the built-in advantages of slot machines.


I hate to say it, but the only way most people make a living playing slot machines is to get lucky. If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot at some point in your life and are smart about money, you can afford to play slots full time. The only slot machines I play are those that offer jackpots, or those that offer $100,000 or more. I know I can’t overcome a long-term house edge without big wins, so I don’t waste time on machines that can’t deposit large sums of money into my bank. Getting lucky isn’t a strategy, but if you don’t put yourself in a position to have a chance to be lucky, you don’t even have reason to be hopeful. If you want to make a living out of slot machines, look out for slots with big jackpot possibilities.


The only way to really take advantage of the house is to play jackpot slots, where the jackpot grows so high that it overcomes the edge. This issue is the same as what I discussed earlier. If you don’t know the house edge, you can’t be sure how high the jackpot must climb to make the game profitable. I recommend sticking with slot machines with high jackpots, as that’s the only way you’ll have a chance of winning enough to play slots for a living. If you don’t know the house edge, just play the slot machine with the highest jackpot. Most online and offline casinos have at least one slot game with jackpots in excess of $100,000. If you can’t find one with a jackpot over $100,000, look for the highest jackpot you can find. Winning the $50,000 jackpot probably won’t get you financial support for life, but it’s enough to help quite a bit.

In conclusion

Making a living playing slot machines is the dream of many gamblers. But the truth is, it’s almost impossible to succeed. The house edge locks in the casino’s long-term profits, so few people win. You can use the tips and strategies on this page to give yourself the best chance of overcoming the house edge, but if you want to gamble for a living, your best bet is to stop playing slots and choose another game.