Several major trends of slot machines in the future

Slot machines are monuments to human ingenuity and are used for the specific purpose of making you sit in a chair and gamble. In some ways, the praise of slot machines may seem a bit controversial, especially among poker players who view slot machines as second-class citizens. Some don’t even consider them gambling at all. However, the idea that slot machines are not magical or unimportant ignores the role they play in keeping casinos open. It also underestimates how much innovation is currently being done to make slot machines more fun, usable, and more capable of withdrawing money from your wallet. When was the last time Texas Hold’em had a major technical improvement? On the other hand, slot machines are updated as fast as manufacturers can build new machines. Because it’s always good to know a trend before it happens, let’s take a look at the slot machine trends we expect to see.

No need to leave your seat

The more you play casino slot games, the more money you change hands. Of course, you play a slot machine to win, and casinos tend to give back a lot of money invested in a slot machine. Still, casinos are always looking for ways to let you play more. The developers have created more addictive games that, by their very nature, keep you in your seat. Another way is to offer other types of games through slot machines. In particular, with the development of sports betting laws, there are machines that allow you to bet on sports without getting out of bed. This way, you can stay in those positions while getting the result of the game you just bet on. Another strategy is to charge your smartphone at slot machines. With the relatively low price of powered USB ports, slot machine makers believe they can let gamers play on the floor, rather than upstairs in a room, charging their smart devices.

A bigger, fancier, higher-definition console

Slot machine makers are always looking for ways to make their games bigger, more fun, and generally more rewarding to play. The point of the past few years has been to make the game itself more spectacular. The cabinets (the game’s shells) are larger and more glamorous, covered with pop culture icons of all shapes and sizes. The voslot slot machine screens themselves are getting bigger and clearer, which always draws crowds. What’s more, slot machines are not only getting bigger, they’re getting louder. The simple fact that you can hear the machine from half a story away means you’re more likely to play it.

Smaller, ubiquitous consoles

While some slot machines are getting bigger, other “slot machines” are getting smaller and finding themselves in various places. Essentially, some slot machines do away with the cabinet or traditional slot machine format entirely to offer a different gaming experience. Think of what video poker does to blackjack and other poker games. Suddenly, you could sit in a bar or an airport seat or a gas station kiosk and simulate a game of poker to win some kind of prize. The same thing is happening more and more with slot machines and games. This trend includes things like simulated horse racing, which you can find in many bars. Additionally, manufacturers are producing additional multiplayer and single-player games that use all electronics and random numbers to provide a slot machine experience. As tablets and computers become more affordable, look for slot machines popping up in new places in every state that allows them. This includes slot machine kiosks, wall panels, and games built directly into bars and tables.

Bringing apps closer to slot machines

One of the most popular trends you’ll find in the slot machine world is the blurring of the line between apps and slot machines. Today’s slot machines feature higher gamification (rewarding you for certain actions), skill-based casino games (where players have more control over the outcome), and even remakes of classic arcade games done as slot machines. None of these types of games were possible in the age of one-armed bandits and their multiple sets of reels. That’s why today, many slot machine manufacturers have mostly abandoned the classic slot machine look in favor of fully electronic slot machines that are more arcade games than casino games. (Though some manufacturers are also making retro classic slot cabinets.) The decision to go fully electronic allows slot machine manufacturers to do whatever they want in the game, and to provide almost any function. Given the proven entertainment value of apps, it’s easy to see why slot machine manufacturers recreated apps as slot machine games. It’s also easy to see why gamers would flock to these machines to give them money.

More options for smartphones near you

Online slot machines have also ushered in innovation. Just as video games are replacing physical cabinets, better programming has opened up new and diverse options for online slot players. This manifests itself in many ways. Sometimes it’s as simple as an online slot machine parodying a fun and engaging application. It also shows in some way that players now have more control over the device they play the game on (mobile vs desktop), how they bet and how they interact during the game.

Combine social media and casino games with slot machines

The Internet is designed to allow users to share information quickly and easily, even when they are not in the same place. Slot machine manufacturers are considering this idea and incorporating it into their slot machine promotions. Expect more emphasis on live streaming slot machines and table games. The technology for live slot machines is now available and it is a game changer for the industry. Technology trends are always a bit unpredictable. The market is changing rapidly, and ideas that look great may never even make it to the design stage. Nonetheless, the seven trends mentioned above seem certain. I’m pretty sure slot machines will only continue to get stickier (just keep you around), have bigger and brighter screens, get louder, and find smaller everyday forms. After all, the more you play, the more chance you have of losing money.