Small bets on Slots! You’ll know what counts as winnings

Want to know how to win the slot machine guide? The most basic trick to winning money in slot machine strategy is to know the algorithm of slot machine strategy. The return rate of slot machine strategy betting and the frequency of the jackpot can be calculated using the game formula.

Slot Machine Raiders Returns

Slot machine strategy Return to Player (RTP), also known as betting rebate rate, is a very important reference data in the rules of slot machine strategy, which means that slot machine strategy will slowly return part of the betting money back For players, the proportion of slot machine strategy money that will be spit back is about 80-95%. The jili slot machine odds are the same concept as RTP. On the other hand, 5-20% is the advantage of the casino and the house.
For example, if you bet 10 yuan per bet on an online slot machine with 90% RTP, after 100 bets, the principal invested is 1,000 yuan, and you can win back 900 yuan. But I want to remind you that in terms of slot machine strategy, the rate of return is “long-term average”, not a fixed % every day and every time, so when you expect the slot machine strategy 777 jackpot to appear, you must set it well Betting cap.

Slot machine strategy winning frequency:

The winning frequency means how long the winning combination (the winning screen) appears on the slot machine. For example, in a slot machine game with a 10% chance of winning, there will be a winning combination 8% of the time, but every time you bet on a slot machine strategy The probabilities are calculated separately. If the picture makes you feel that you are close to winning the slot machine strategy jackpot, it is only your imagination!
The editor asked a number of experts for the experience of slot machine strategy, and found that we can use the rules of slot machine strategy to find out whether it is worth continuing to play. In fact, there is a wonderful relationship between the slot machine strategy award and the frequency of winning, just look at the slot machine How is the strategy program set up? Simply put, the same bet 1,000 yuan on a gambling machine with 90% RTP and 10% winning frequency, 900 yuan will be gradually returned to the player from the big prize and the small prize according to the slot machine strategy formula. The proportion of small prizes varies from machine to machine.

How to identify the split cycle?

The slot machine strategy machine can be divided into 3 periods, the leisure period, the eating period, and the spit period. The so-called leisure period means that no matter how you play, you will not lose or win, and you will keep a tie with the machine. state, and eating installments is eating big and spitting small. No matter how you bet, you will only lose money, because the money that slot machine strategy spit out to you will not be much. You can also increase your bet and your odds of winning will greatly increase.
If you want to win money in the slot machine strategy, it is very important to observe the trend of the three cycles. You must know how to distinguish the leisure period, the eating period, and the spit period, and bet a reasonable amount in the corresponding period, and when it is time to pay Just wait and see, with the rules of slot machine strategy, you will have a chance to win. In fact, you don’t have to spend your own money to judge these cycles. Some online casinos will provide online slot machine strategy and demo mechanism. Bet and bet to see, if there is no lottery, you know that you may be in the idle period, eating installments, at this time you can switch to other slot machines to play, it is recommended that you don’t put too much chips at first, so that It is very easy to lose money. We can go down slowly. On the one hand, we can see if this slot machine guide machine bites the money, and on the other hand, we can see if this slot machine guide will win big prizes.