Uncover how slot machines make gamblers trapped and unable to extricate themselves!

The slot machine seems to be simple to play, but its calculation method is unfathomable! It is actually a high-tech product and has a certain interest. Today, we will not talk about how complicated the casino slot machine gameplay is, or how much the gameplay has changed, but we hope that players must understand that this entertainment game of slot machines captures the weakness of human nature. It is expected to be able to pursue the pleasure of winning money with a small and broad mind, and even want to turn over to win money. The slot machine catches everyone with a small and broad mentality, allowing players to fall into the trap step by step! It’s very scary, right! So today I’m going to show you the secrets of all slot machines.

Secret No. 1: Create the illusion that the chance of winning the lottery often occurs
Usually the three reels are rotated to the cherries picture, which is called a full house. At this time, the slot machine will spit out all the coins and go to the winner. Experts pre-set the probability of paying out money for the full house of this group of slot machines, so that one machine will pay out money every short period of time. The purpose is to create the illusion that the chance of winning the lottery often occurs. When the coins fall into the metal pocket, it is often the whole game. When the players in the room are most emotional, and only at this time, the winner will be willing to lose the winnings back, and the non-winners hope to increase greatly and continue to pay tribute to the casino owner. There are 200 ways to win money in a mechanical slot machine, but if it is an electromechanical slot machine without a protective device, there are at least 120 ways to guarantee winning, but if it is a microcomputer-controlled slot machine, it is a machine produced by you. , there is no way to know when the pattern will appear, and the casino checks the chip of the machine and the video of the time after each jackpot. ”

Secret 2: There is no other! Playing slot machines can only rely on luck
Different machines from different manufacturers have different conditions. After the customer puts the coin, the machine will generate random numbers, and select a single number or a group of numbers with the help of the mathematical formula in the program, which corresponds to a specific symbol; the balance inside is not regular, don’t think that you can control it with skills Those wheels inside the machine. Every time you are in a different position, even if you hit it every time, it’s not much money, it’s better to play stud, and you can win billions in one night! So the author warns all players to play slot machines only by luck!

Secret 3: If you are small and broad, you will get deeper and deeper if you are not careful.
A senior player once said this: Slot machines capture the hearts of players and make you unable to quit. A slot machine master has played most of the slot machine machines, forest ball, birds and animals, fruit runner, BMW Mercedes, shark, Tarzan the Great Ape, Plants vs. Zombies, and the popular coin pusher in the later period, etc., there are thousands of themes, but they all revolve around the main axis of small and broad, and many players will get deeper and deeper if they are not careful. Advise all slot machine players not to fall into the trap!