Untold Secrets Casino Slots Winning Tips

Slot machines are a common machine that not only provides leisure but also gives us the chance of winning. How to win the slot machine? This is the key to our winning money. Many players have summed up the experience of playing slot machines. Some of these experiences teach us how to win money by playing slot machines. These are worth learning from. Let’s share them together. Look for “loose” slot machines, machines that easily return coins. Generally speaking, the more luxurious the game, and the “tighter” the slot machine, the harder it is for you to win. Do not play on slot machines outside the casino, because these slot machines are “tight” and have low returns, especially in supermarkets, convenience stores, airports, bars and other places, and there are slot machines on luxury cruise ships. The rate of return is only 65%.

Before you play, you should take a look around to see what kind of machines are available. If you see that some machine is always idle, then you should think about it, maybe this machine has already won a lot of money, it is not easy to win again, or maybe the return percentage of the machine is too low, people do not want to play, this kind of time , you also don’t play with this machine. Some casinos advertise their slot machines as “up to 97% return”, however, not all slot machines have such a high rate of return, find a machine that they have marked as having such a rate of return.

Some gambling machines will place high-return rate machines in places with high traffic, such as on both sides of corridors, so that more people will often see the winning situation and attract more people to play. Slot machines in casinos near coffee shops are generally more “loose”, because this can lure players who are drinking coffee to come back quickly. The machines at the entrance of the gaming hall or the entrance of the poker room are relatively “tight”. The gaming knows that these people do not intend to play slot machines, so there is no need to put “loose” machines to treat them favorably.

You can ask the players or the staff, and the staff will generally be happy to tell you which slot machines are easy to win as they wait for you to win and reward them with some tips. You can also exchange opinions with other players and ask them which slot machine is “loose”. Since everyone is competing with gambling, many players are happy to share information. Generally speaking, if a machine has more types of payouts marked on the payout table, the more “loose” it is. It is recommended to play a slot machine with only one payline, because a slot machine with multiple paylines sometimes has the largest payout line. The coin limit is 10, and the payout rate is the highest only when the machine reaches the maximum coin limit, so the machine with multiple paylines is really like a slot machine.

If you don’t have much money and can’t afford to play the maximum coin limit on a machine with a large currency value, you can switch to a machine with a small currency value and play to the maximum coin limit, so that you can get the highest payout rate. If you hit a jackpot on a slot machine in a particular game, remember the machine number, not its location, as the gaming manager may move it elsewhere as needed. The rate of return for each slot machine has been set at the factory, and the machine that is “loose” now will be “loose” in the future. The rate of return of 10 cents is a little lower than that of other currencies, because it has a small currency value, many people play, frequent maintenance, and high repair costs. Twenty-five percent of gaming revenue from slot machines comes from 25-cent machines. Generally speaking, the higher the currency value, the higher the return rate of slot machines.

There are some dynamic slot machines where the more players there are, the more the winnings go up. With a certain combination, the player wins all the coins in the jackpot counter. When it comes to money management, before you go to gamble, be sure to budget for how much you want to spend on this day or weekend. Put the money you take in one pocket and the winnings in the other pocket. Stop playing with your winning coins. You can take a little money, such as 10 yuan, and buy 40 25 cents to try your luck. If the return rate is higher than 65% on a certain slot machine, it means that the jili machine is in an upward trend and you can continue to play. If If it is lower than 65%, it is time to adjust the strategy, change the type of machine, replace it with a machine with a smaller currency value, exchange five coins for a machine with three coins, etc. It is unwise to continue to “fill” coins into a machine that is not producing.

If you win money from the machine every chance, you can keep playing, and when the last time you cash out is far less than your bet, it’s time to leave the slot machine. In gaming, it’s not uncommon for slot machines to run out of cash, and the machine’s alarm bell calls for staff. When you hit the jackpot and the machine owes you money, don’t leave to avoid being used by others, and don’t keep playing or the screen of your winnings will disappear. If it’s time for you to quit gambling and you haven’t spent all your budget spending, you should be lucky. Losing a few dollars means you’ve achieved your purpose for the evening, or at least you haven’t lost it all. If you win more than you wagered, be happy. The above is some experience sharing of players. We must first choose a platform that is fun to play slot machines, and then master its skills, then your chance of winning will increase. The above gameplay, we can learn from some, can help us improve How to play slot machines.